DIY Punk Rock - The Skate Punk MIDI pack - Whats it all about?

Designed for Punk Rock recordists and songwriters, The Skate Punk MIDI Groove Pack was built to speed up the time it takes to lay down Ideas, demos and productions as well as inspire new ideas and creativity.

The pack is a collection of over 200 essential MIDI grooves and fills needed to lay down a modern punk rock drum track ranging from Rapid Double time D-Beats, Normal Time Grooves, Half Time breakdowns as well as layers of intricate fills and drum breaks.

The 8 packs available are for 8 different drums samplers. EZ Drummer 2, Superior Drummer 2 & 3, Get Good Drums (M+M, Invasion, P4, MH, One Kit Wonder) Steven Slate Drums 5.5, Room Sound Libraries, Addictive Drums 2 and in GM Mapping for compatibility with GarageBand, Logic, MT Power Kit, Superior Drummer 2 and any GM mapped drum samplers.

Each version of our pack has been built from the ground up to accommodate each samplers MIDI mapping, articulations ( sample velocities and choices) and Groove Player functionality.

Our grooves and fills integrate into your drum samplers groove library for auditioning and drag and drop functionality.

The Expansion 

Our Skate Punk Expansion pack carries on where the OG pack left off - adding another 184 grooves and fills venturing into Technical Punk rock territory with advanced fills, beats and grooves.