Introducing Ultimate Punk & Melodic Hardcore MIDI Pack

Hows it going folks? It's been a year or so since the last DIY Punk Rock MIDI Pack release. Sorry for the wait! Ultimate Punk & Melodic Hardcore is here and is a HUGE MIDI groove library containg over 950 files in typical DIY Punk Rock format -

The grooves are all bundled up into easy to use folders so you can drag in an Intro Fill, Smash in to a breakdown, Blast out some cool hooks then ramp it up in to double time, throw in a blast beat then end on a crushing Quarter time lead out.

The pack is pretty diverse ranging from beats inspired by our Skate-Punk packs to Standard Punk Rock beats, Hundreds of Cool fills, Double Kick Beats, Breakdowns inspired by Counterparts, Architechts vibes, Pop Punk style Grooves and tons more.

You can check out our sound cloud players on each product page to get a listen to some of the cool stuff inside.

Currently the pack is Available for EZDrummer 2, Superior Drummer 3, Get Good Drums and SSD5.5 and I will get in about sorting a GM version as soon as I can.

Here are some of the grooves joined up and playing back in my new favourite library (EZDrummer 2 Death Metal EZX) You should check out that library!

If you dig what you hear - fire on over to the collection pages - choose your VST of choice and check out the other media!

Cheers and Happy Songwriting!