Mixing Punk Rock & Hardcore - Drums/Bass/Guitars using Room Sound "The Blasting Room Series"

How's it going, folks? Hope everyone is all good. Last year I put out a short video of a 1-minute Skate Punk track that I was messing around with using Room Sound “The Blasting Room” Signature Series drums.

This is that video:

I received quite a few positive comments and emails asking how I processed the drums, guitars and bass and found some time in the last few days to screengrab and talk through the session.

There are some messy EQ’s and likely some things I would do differently if it was some sort of “Pro” mix course, of which it is definitely not!! But, It's a cool mix and seeing as I’ve never uploaded any videos on Guitar, Bass processing then those things are in there to check out and try out for yourself.

It's pretty long, clocking in over an hour. There are likely some things I've maybe skimmed over a touch fast but I'm totally cool to answer any questions in the comments when I can if you are looking for any info or answers - Fire away.

A lot of these plugins I'm using could be completely replaced with stock EQ’s and compressors etc but there are a few things in there that do what they do well like Saturn, FGX and the Slate compressors have a sweet vibe. Hopefully, you all understand my Scottish accent. If not, just make it up. Cheers! John.