Welcome to DIY Punk Rock!

Our goal at DIY Punk Rock is to create easy to use yet simple solutions to aid songwriting, creativity and sound design.

Now more than ever it is possible to create amazing-sounding productions from your own home and we are here to help you!

Our MIDI drum packs are designed to help anyone from beginner to advanced recordists and hobbyists - Achieve pro-sounding MIDI drums in your demos or productions, from Hardcore double-time beats to advanced fills we’ve got you covered.

We’ve also created Drum Presets for Superior Drummer 3 users which are fully mixed re-creations of some of our all-time favourite drum sounds.

The aim of these presets is to provide mix-ready drums to those who need them from the get-go and to help build an understanding of the processes used to create these sounds. In the near future, we will be creating mix courses - which we will be providing the audio stems from bands we’ve worked with - to mix along - from start to finish and help you understand the processes that create a solid mix.

If you have any questions with regards to our products, please feel free to contact us from the message button below and sign up to our mailing list for future releases and offers!

Many thanks and happy songwriting!