The GM Skate Punk MIDI Drum Pack (GarageBand, MT Power Kit, Logic)

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The DIY Punk Rock - GM Skate Punk MIDI pack is designed for users of GarageBand, Logic Drummer, Abbey Road Drummer, MT Power Kit and any sampler that runs off of a GM MIDI map.

Where our other packs were built explicitly for the samplers built-in groove players and MIDI mapping - the GM pack is designed to be a “One Size Fits All” for those looking to build quality Punk Rock drum tracks - fast!

As the pack is for multiple samplers, the system of use differs in that instead of auditioning files from a groove player; the files will be dragged from the folder straight on to your MIDI timeline to audition. The GM pack features the same quality beats, fills and breaks as all of our Skate Punk MIDI packs and is an excellent alternative for users of GM Mapped samplers.


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*Pack limited to 2 downloads per purchase


The GM Skate Punk MIDI Pack

A Selection of Grooves (GarageBand)