Steven Slate Drums 5.5 Ultimate Punk & Mix-Fx Bundle

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The SSD5 Ultimate Punk & Mix-Fx Bundle contains all 3 of our MIDI Groove packs from Ultimate Punk & Melodic Hardcore and the Skate-Punk series.

Featuring over 1300 essential Punk Rock MIDI Grooves and Fills to aid your songwriting and creativity.

Created for Punk Rock, Skate Punk, Pop Punk and Melodic Hardcore genres but also suited to Alt Rock and Metal at variable tempos.

Also included in the bundle is the DIY Punk Rock Mix-FX pack.

- a collection of creative FX samples ranging from Guitar Feedback, Sub-Drops and Reverse Cymbals to Reverse Snares and Guitar Swells. These samples can be used in your productions to create suspense, energy, build-up and add an extra dimension to your mixes. The files are provided as .wav audio files for easy drag and drop to any DAW.

Our MIDI groove folders integrate into your SSD5 groove library for auditioning and drag and drop functionality and our Mix-Fx pack is a drag and drop based sample pack.

All purchases come as a .zip digital download with Ultimate Punk & Melodic Hardcore MIDI pack. The Skate Punk & Expansion MIDI Libraries, and .pdf video instruction manual on how to install the grooves for playback in SSD5, as well as the Mix-Fx pack folder and files.

*Compatible with SSD 5.5 Free

*MIDI Mapped and formatted for SSD5.5

*Pack limited to 2 downloads per purchase.

*This purchase does not contain SSD5 software.

Groove examples

 In the mix

The Skate Punk MIDI Expansion pack - GGD -All Grooves and Fills


 Working on a riff!

The Mix-Fx Pack in Use
 Groove examples