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Welcome to DIY Punk Rock

Our goal at DIY Punk Rock is to create high-quality MIDI groove packs, presets and audio production tools to aid songwriting, creativity and sound design.

Our MIDI packs are designed for ease of use and provide the essential beats, grooves and fills needed to create pro-sounding MIDI Punk Rock drum tracks - as well as aid those who need help with MIDI programming.

Currently, we offer two MIDI packs in six versions for multiple popular drum samplers - The Skate Punk MIDI pack and its Expansion.

If you are looking to dive into songwriting with our packs - The Skate Punk MIDI pack is the perfect starting point. It features over 200 grooves, fills and drum breaks that integrate seamlessly into one another to create the most intricate of drum tracks. The pack features rapid double time d-beats, normal time, half time and quarter time grooves as well as plenty of drum breaks, fills and variations to get you on the go.

The expansion was designed to add technical fills and more advanced grooves that lean toward technical Punk Rock but has some excellent additional fills, breaks and grooves that can be used in any genre. Check out our media to hear those in action through the product pages or on the front page of the website.

Our Superior Drummer 3 presets are faithful reincarnations of some of our all-time favourite Punk Rock drum productions. Due to Superior Drummer 3's advanced onboard mixer, it has been possible to mix these drum sounds and deliver them in a single file to open in your Superior Drummer 3 software.

These presets are a lot of fun to make! They are created by A/B'ing against the original recordings to achieve the Punch, EQ, and Tone of the drums from these records in Superior Drummer 3.

Our Mix Fx Pack is a collection of .wav audio samples that are used in post-production to add suspense and excitement to a mix. These samples range from cymbal swells, sub drops, guitar feedback, reverse snare hits, snare reverb hits and guitar swells.

These are the first bunch of DIY Punk Rock products. We are looking forward to adding more MIDI packs, presets and mix tools in the future. 

If you have any questions at all or need any help, feel free to drop us an email at:


Many Thanks.

John - DIY Punk Rock