Mix FX Pack

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The DIY Punk Rock MIX FX pack is a collection of Mix-FX which can be used in your productions to create suspense, energy, build-up and add an extra dimension to your mixes.

The samples are provided as 44.1khz 16bit .wav files and are split into 5 folders which are easily dragged and dropped into any DAW. 

The audio samples include:

  1. Sub Drops: to create earth-shattering low-frequency sub drops at points where the mix needs to slam. 
  1. Reverse Cymbals: To create suspense in a buildup. 
  1. Reverse Snares: To create suspense in a buildup or breakdown.
  1. Reverse Guitar Swells: Provided in every key needed in as Stereo DI’s and FX (Saturated) versions from Low C#1 to E2. 
  1. EVH Feedback: 16 feedback samples from a miced 5150iii from Eb1 to A#2 

Check out this video where we work on a mix and use the samples from the Mix-Fx pack to add the finishing touches to track.