The EZ Drummer 2 Skate Punk MIDI Drum Pack

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The DIY Punk Rock - Skate Punk MIDI Library is a selection of over 200 Grooves and Fills to aid your songwriting and inspiration.

The beats are meticulously programmed to provide realism in your projects, demos and productions.

With the loops provided a drum track can be written in seconds by dragging and dropping your auditioned file into the EZ Drummer 2 MIDI player.

The MIDI Files are separated into subfolders from Intro Fills, Fills, Double Time, Normal Time, Half Time and Quarter time beats to Backbeats, Short Fills and Drum Breaks for quick access and easy navigation.

All purchases come as a zipped file with the MIDI Library, a .pdf containing video instructions on install and the artwork.


In the mix



Working on a riff!



How to build a drum track!



Groove examples