The GM Ultimate Punk & Melodic Hardcore Pack (GarageBand, Logic, MT)

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The DIY Punk Rock - Ultimate Punk & Melodic Hardcore MIDI Groove pack for General MIDI Based samplers is a collection of over 900 Grooves and Fills to aid your songwriting and inspiration.

Created in Logic Pro and GarageBand the MIDI files function as drag and drop files from the folder to an instance of Logic, GarageBand's built-in Drummer VST or any other GM based Drum VST such as MT Power Drum Kit 2, Mixwave etc.

Created for Punk, Rock, and Melodic Hardcore - tinged with Metal breakdowns and hooks - this groove library is packed with ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

The MIDI Files are separated into 18 subfolders from Intro Fills, Fills, Half-Time fills, Drum Breaks, Tom Grooves, Straight Grooves, Hang Grooves and Triplet Feel to Half-Time, Quarter Time, Double Time D-Beats, Double Kick Grooves, Back-Beats, 3 over 4, Blasts and Breakdowns.

All purchases come as a digital download containing the MIDI Library

*Compatible and Tested with GarageBand Drummer, Logic Drummer, MT Power Drum Kit 2, Mixwave, ML Drums essentials (Full version set to GM) - Most GM samplers should accommodate this mapping set to GM in mapping options.

*Pack limited to 2 downloads per purchase.

*This purchase contains MIDI files only

Groove examples using Drummer (Logic Pro/GarageBand) SoCal

How to build a drum track in Logic/GarageBand

A Selection of grooves in Mixwave Gojira

A Selection of grooves in MT Power Drumkit 2

How to build a drum track in MT Power Drumkit/Mixwave drag and drop

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